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Doctor Plus, 60 Capsules, Maximum Natural Height Growth Pills, Height Growth Supplements with Calcium, Collagen, Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Nutrients, For Children and Teenagers, Doctor Recommended Doctor Plus, 60 Capsules, Maximum Natural Height Growth Pills, Height Growth Supplements with Calcium, Collagen, Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Nutrients, For Children and Teenagers, Doctor Recommended
Doctor Plus, 60 Capsules, Maximum Natural Height Growth Pills, Height Growth Supplements with Calcium, Collagen, Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Nutrients, For Children and Teenagers, Doctor Recommended
Doctor Plus, 60 Capsules, Maximum Natural Height Growth Pills, Height Growth Supplements with Calcium, Collagen, Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Nutrients, For Children and Teenagers, Doctor Recommended
Doctor Plus, 60 Capsules, Maximum Natural Height Growth Pills, Height Growth Supplements with Calcium, Collagen, Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Nutrients, For Children and Teenagers, Doctor Recommended
Doctor Plus, 60 Capsules, Maximum Natural Height Growth Pills, Height Growth Supplements with Calcium, Collagen, Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Nutrients, For Children and Teenagers, Doctor Recommended

Doctor Plus - Powerful Growth Formula - Support Bone Strength & Overall Health with Calcium, Collagen, Vitamins and Essential Nutrients

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Product ID: 230057 - 60 Count Bottle (30 Servings)

Bone growth supplement for children & teens: Doctor Plus provides growing children and teens with an advanced amount of nutrients that are essential in promoting bone growth and body development.*

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Innovative formula for growth support: Natural ingredients – Consistent quality. Doctor Plus is packed with Calcium, vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients required for bone growth and healthy brain function. Vitamin K2 is known to facilitate proper calcium utilization whereas Vitamin D3 increases calcium absorption to build and lengthen bones.*
Bone-nourishing nutrients: Doctor Plus delivers vital nutrients to boost growth such as Calcium, Collagen Hydrolysate, Eucommia Bark Extract, Vitamin K2, and Vitamin D3. This exclusive blend, by strengthening immunity and body resistance, stimulates natural bone growth. Children and teenagers will have a chance to reach their growth goals while enhancing their general health with Doctor Plus.*
Calcium: Calcium triggers bone growth in both thickness and length. Together with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2, Calcium in Doctor Plus is properly absorbed and utilized in lengthening and strengthening your bones, thereby allowing you to meet your daily calcium requirements and build healthy bones for overall body growth.*
Collagen Hydrolysate: Collagen Hydrolysate protects the skeletal system, connects cartilage issues, improves joint health, and lengthens bones. Without this nutrient, human bones will be easily fragmented. Doctor Plus formula incorporates Collagen Hydrolysate with Calcium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus to speed up the growth of bones for children and teens.*
Money-back guarantee: We provide either a free exchange of products or a refund for customers if they have any unpleasant experiences caused by the products. For the details, please click here.

As a natural growth supplement, Doctor Plus provides children and teens with proper amounts of nutrients active in promoting bone growth, uplifting bone strength, and supporting overall wellness.*


Imagine your body is a plant and Doctor Plus is plant food. So what does plant food do? It gives the plant proper nutrition for growth! It is obvious that this well-cared-for plant would grow stronger and healthier than other plants that rely solely on water and sunlight. Doctor Plus does exactly the same to your body. It provides bone-nourishing and growth-boosting nutrients that are lacking in your daily diets and makes you grow healthily and naturally.*


First 30 days: The essential nutrients in Doctor Plus will start to be absorbed in this first period. You may feel more energetic and sleep better in the first 30 days.*

2-6 months: The nutrients start to affect the bones in this period, making them grow in both thickness and length. This is the premise to promote body growth in the next periods. For the best results, try to eat healthy and nutritious meals, practice exercises or play sports frequently and sleep properly while taking our capsules regularly.*

6 months+: This is the period where users see significant changes to their growth and overall health. Despite this, users cannot achieve the desired results if they have growth-related illnesses such as dwarfism, Turner syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, or celiac disease. Our product also doesn't work for adults and teenagers whose complete fusion of growth plates occurs early.*

Ingredients: Vitamin D3, Calcium, Magnesium (as Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate and Magnesium Gluconate), Phosphorous (as Dicalcium Phosphate), Collagen Hydrolysate, Eucommia Bark Extract, DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) Powder, 5-Hydroxytryptophan (from Griffonia simplicifolia Seed Extract), and Vitamin K2.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (Capsule), Cassia Bark Extract.

Contains: Milk, Soy.


+ Should be used daily as a dietary supplement for children (10+) and teenagers.

+ Take one (1) capsule twice daily during or after meals.

+ For the best results, Doctor Plus should be used alongside a healthy diet, regular exercise, enough sleep (before 11:00 PM).

Indications: Supports bone growth - Improves bone strength - Supports healthy brain function.*

Safety Information: Always consult with your doctor before starting any supplements.
*This product is a dietary supplement, and not intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases that cause short stature. Customers should seek a full medical examination of children suffering from short stature prior to taking the product. Results may vary from person to person.

In what age range must a person be for doctor plus to work


I found out about Doctorplus and bought for my twins when they were 12 (they are 16 now). Both grew up so fast and so tall, taller than their dads and grandpas. This product is the only natural supplement for height growth that I trust to give my precious children. They want to become models when they grow up so that's why I gave them this product in the first place. Till my best decision!

By Russel on June 22, 2021

10-18 I guess .. heard that you can't grow taller after 18 but not 100% sure

By Lane JR on July 1, 2021

From 10 yo, but if you are 18 yo, it's best to consult your doctor's advice bc when your growth plate closes, you cannot grow taller.

By Madam on July 2, 2021

Teens only i guess. Adults can't grow even with magic capsules

By Benton on July 12, 2021

How long does it take to work on my height? Should I need to finish 6 bottles to see good results as it advertised? And do I need to do anything else?


It's always best to follow the recommended dosage from the manufacturer. After my son finished his first supply, I tried measuring him and found him get over 2.5 inches. Damn great, right?

By Shelbie on March 24, 2021

In fact, my child has grown since she's on the fourth bottle. Aside from using this stuff regularly, she tries doing some yoga poses to stretch her body. To me, I always changes the menu to ensure she gets more nutrients.

By Sapphire Ratliff on May 6, 2021

couldnt agree with you more, a bit skeptical at first but now my child is on the 3rd pack. Doctor Plus is truly great when it comes to enhance height growth

By Nitzsche on May 19, 2021

you should remember that increasing height is not a quick process, it requires a long time, even year. But with this stuff, everything will happen quicker, 6 bottles means 6 months and then you will grow taller. It's better than sitting without doing nothing, right?

By Rosetta Rice on May 11, 2021

I heard that drplus is a natural supplement for height growth. Has anyone tried it yet? Is it safe or does it create any weird effects? Btw, I’m 5’3, will I grow 4 inches with it?


My boy grew 4 inches after 10 months. This is highly impressive as he's the son of two atheletes and we're leading him on this atheletic path as well. We monitor his diets real strict and his training schedule is intense. So unless you've got a regime like him, it's quite hard if not impossible to gain that much height within such a short time.

By Goyette on June 29, 2021

you might gain 2 or 3 inches with the help of doctor plus within 6 months. but if you want more, havta work hard on food intakes and physical activities man

By Jessica on July 8, 2021

It's hard to get 4 inches after 6 months, dude. This is just supplement that support your body to absorb necessary nutrients to grow. In my case, I got 2.5 inches within 6 months and 4.5 inches after 1 year.

By Kayley on July 9, 2021

this is good, right? I mean in terms of quality and safety


Of course, this supplement is good. My son uses this for 1.5 years, he grows strong without getting any bad effects.

By Alya Wiley on May 2, 2021

unsure the quality yet the safety is okay coz i took it 1 week and get no bad effects

By Ernest on May 13, 2021

This stuff contains natural and organic ingredients only, feel rest assured to take it, ok?

By Sarah on May 17, 2021

I am a 13 yrs old boy, and im 5'. My mom is 5'1 while my dad is 5'7. How much could I grow with dr+ cause I truly want to grow more?


based on my own math which is basically taking the average your parents' heights and add 2.5 inches, you totally can reach 5'8". But without the most ideal conditions, like nutrition and sleep and sports and etc. you can grow up much shorter than that. Maybe adding this product to your diet is a good idea.

By Danny on May 17, 2021

.... I think this stufff is on top of natural supplements for height growth you must try

By Hickle on May 19, 2021

My friend told me that there is a natural supplement for height growth from nubest that can help my son reach 6” in a short time? He is nearly 16 and currently 5’7”.


Depending on the status of his growth plates I would say. Like my son still have open growth plates at 17 years old so this product works for him

By Katlyn on April 23, 2021

Totally possible My cousin is 16 and he got nearly 1 inch after using drplus

By Barry on May 12, 2021

Im unsure, but my son, 15 and a half, grew a total of 2 inches after taking within 6 months

By Kub on May 27, 2021

My kid talked about this product a lot lately, is it safe to use?


My grandson kept nagging me to buy some natural supplement for height growth called Plus or Doctor something . He's 13 at the time now he's 15 and he told me he rose from 5'1" to 5"8 thanks to this product . Throughout 2 years there's no side effect or bad feelings at all . It's safe I guess

By Brian on June 21, 2021

Do you have any height growth stuff that its formula doesnt have herb, Im not a fan of herb, sound like medicine


you can try Grow Power, it has only good nutrients and the price is budget

By lehman on August 3, 2021

why not herb? i think it good for overall health. it also taste weird. My nephew uses Doctor Plus for abt 1.5 years and he grows very well

By eva on August 18, 2021

split and add the pill to water or juice is ok or not. i worry this decrease the effect

A niece can't take capsules, she opens and adds these to her milk or milkshake for 3 months, still grow by an inch

By Deborah on March 2, 2021

Unless you don't finish the food or drink, it's advised to finish all of it for the full effect

By Catalina on April 8, 2021

Does this product boost my height or my weight?


Before taking this vitamin, my son is thin and short. But since he took it for a while, I recognized that he starts growing healthier. Importantly, he looks clean-climed with suitable height and weight at his age.

By Lola Lund on February 5, 2021

Sounds tempting, perhaps I will give it a shot

By Sweetie on February 13, 2021

When he drinks it for a while, he seems to eat well, sleep well, and look healthier

By luvegood on February 23, 2021

does it have a bitter taste if i cut the capsule open


i guess so, but it okay to mix the powder with milk or any liquid foods, i do it all the time since my daughter is not a fan of capsule

By beschart on July 22, 2021

really huh? i just worry this reduce the effect

By miriam on July 24, 2021

not a big, my daughter has grown ok, nearly 6in after 20mths

By fraudie on August 1, 2021

Does anyone truly believe this stuff work? I took for nearly 2 months but still see no remarkable changes, should I continue or stop


2 months does not show you anything, man. Min 6 months will tell bc your body needs time to absorb nutrients

By Walter on May 15, 2021

it just a waste of money and time, i bottomed up all 3 bottles and see nothing, I'm just 18, feel disappointed

By W. Harrison on May 21, 2021

oh dude, u are too old to take this stuff

By johnson on July 1, 2021

My daughter is 14, do you think this can help her grow taller?


Absolutely yes, she's still in a golden period to grow taller. And if you add this stuff to her diet every day, she soon tower

By Schuppe on July 13, 2021

not late, dude, my niece is also 14 and been taking for a couple of months and it seems work well when I saw she grow over my shoulder (last time she just stand near my shoulder)

By Vaughn Roberts on July 17, 2021

hello guys, i'm male 16 and just 5'4. some told me i miss the precious time or something to boost my height, but i still hope this stuff can help. am i allowed to take it and improve my height


Just try some bottles and see if they work, these are good nutrition, it wouldn't hurt to try

By Dustin Olson on February 4, 2021

Have you increased any inch the last few months?
If yes I strongly recommend this, it works really good.
But if not your growth might have stopped already

By maria on March 23, 2021

Is this a trustworthy product? I quite interested in ingredients listed and wish it add some inches to my son height, he 15yo btw.


I did try for my daughter and it did work okay. She has the same age with your son and gets about 1 inch full after 3 months 2 weeks. Although it takes long than I expect, when we continue in 1 year, she quickly gain more inches. It worth trying.

By Friedrich on August 15, 2021

as for my exp, my nephew has changed very well. He still young, 12, and seem absorb nutrients well. I bought for him 6 bottles and he gets almost 3 inches taller. I gonna buy more but his mom already ordered.

By suppach on August 23, 2021

anyone gain weight with this stuff, some told me they eat better ever since they take it. i only wanna grow taller not be fat


LOL, my daughter said the same thing to me when I first got this for her. She has been using for over a year now and gained >4 inches, her weight is just normal. In fact she's in great shape ever since she started taking this and exercising every day

By Akbar Ridley on June 28, 2021

I want to grow fast, 1 inch for 1 bottle? Is it possible


Maybe a lil longer than that...

By Victor on May 25, 2021

You cannot grow too fast, at least wait more 3 months to see the result

By Shakira on June 1, 2021

Could anyone tell me whether this supplement might support my height? Do I need to do anything else?


My daughter is 14 years old and she was using Doctor Plus for over a year. I noticed her get the first inch after the 3 or 4 bottles, but at this time I’m not sure if this product truly helped her to grow taller or she just increased naturally. Though we decided to keep using it. Good news - we had to wait so long to welcome the first inch after nearly 4 months, but then she grew up so much after each month. That's why we are sticking to it for a long time. Ah, almost forgot one thing – my daughter is diligent in practicing stretching every morning, so I think it also help her increase height well. That’s my idea.

By Flatley on March 10, 2021

Def helps u grow taller as long as you pair it with proper diet and lifestyle.

By Mitchell on April 23, 2021

Of course, you need to do something else to support your height. Having a nutritional diet with the inclusion of this supplement is a must. Besides, try playing at least one sport and get enough sleep every night.

By Randi on May 1, 2021

Can teens use it? I gonna take it to my 10 yo son


It's for kids from 10, so your son can take it

By Windler on February 16, 2021

Yes, totally, my friend

By Blaise on March 4, 2021

This product says on its label that it's for children from 10 years old

By Eldred on March 12, 2021

From 10 yo huh? so does it work on me, btw I'm 20 yo, dude

By Prohaska on April 2, 2021

Not sure, why don't u give it a try?

By Royce Swift on April 28, 2021

Oh man, forgot to read the label before buying. I'm 20

By Brittany on June 1, 2021

should i drink this product with milk to boost the effect


Yes, milk has more calcium and if u drink it with milk often, you soon tower

By Morgan on August 6, 2021

other dairy products are ok and don't forget foods rich in protein

By rianna on August 7, 2021

Will this work on my 11 year old daughter?


It sure does it's working on my 11 year old.

By Marvin Sauer on July 29, 2021

My niece has been taking this since she was 10 and grew over 3.5 inches after a year

By Helena on August 12, 2021

Are u supposed to take it 2 at the same time per day or only 1?


I reckon NO. Just 1 capsule, not 2 at once

By Magnusson on December 19, 2020

The instruction mentions you should drink 2 times a day with 1 capsule for each time. However, my son sometimes took 1 per day.

By emma on December 24, 2020

really, does it matter?

By Linda on December 30, 2020

Not at all cause he always get taller and taller after each month

By emma on January 1, 2021

what is the limit age for this stuff? i'm 15, can i take it?


how much inch u get last year, if u still grow but not too much, it's okay to take this stuff to help you

By talitha__buck on July 9, 2021

I found doctor plus and nbest tall are the same brand. Are there any differnt? I'm looking for one for my 15yo girl, can anyone give me a good suggestion?


They also have doctor taller; why so many doctors?!?

By Giuseppe on July 23, 2021

Agree, a bit confused

By Nash Sauer on May 5, 2021

Doctor Plus and NuBest Tall are both natural supplements for height growth, but they based on the user's dairy consumption and diet:

- Doctor Plus is suitable for people who drink milk regularly (several times a week or more). The product contains vitamin K2, vitamin D3, and no proprietary blend of herbs. Besides nutrients for height growth, Doctor Plus also supports brain function with DHA, so it may have a slight oil-like smell of Omega-3 fatty acid.

- NuBest Tall is especially recommended for people who do not drink milk daily or cannot drink milk. It also contains herbal ingredients that promote overall health. The product does not contain vitamin K2 and vitamin D3.

By NuBest on May 6, 2021

Can I still grow after stopping using drplus?


U mean u don't use this supplement anymore. If yes, I think u might grow taller but u have to wait so long bc your body doesn't receive necessary nutrients to boost up.

By Carmen Jacobi on April 25, 2021

Totally agreed with you, guys. Indeed, my daughter had a consistent use within 9 months and then took a short break about 2 weeks. After that, we continue taking it.

By Gino on May 3, 2021

It depends if u done growing, u cannot get taller

By Cristal on May 25, 2021

how big are the capsules? Is it easy to swallow? In case i can't swallow, can i split it and mix with water?


Well, my son takes these pills well (btw, he is 12 years old). As I see, they are not big, just a normal size

By Isabella on January 11, 2021

For my son, it’s a bit hard to swallow bc he didn’t like capsules. But everything is okay when I open the capsule and mix the content with milk.

By Johansson on February 1, 2021

Be careful when swallowing 2 at once. Take 1 at a time better

By Persson on February 5, 2021

Does it ship internationally and how I can pay


Where do u exactly live when u mean internationally? Why don't u check the shipping list on the website

By Gustafsson on November 19, 2020

I often pay by my credit card

By meimei on November 28, 2020

Try checking shipping place and credit card at checkout

By Margareth on November 30, 2020

Which sports is good for height? IDK


Back stretches in yoga truly help lengthen my body. Highly recommended

By Hansen on February 21, 2021

I see this formula contains vitamin k, which vitamin k, k1 or k2?


K2, not K1

By Duggan on June 24, 2021

Why this supplement is expensive? Can I buy just 1?


Agree. Its price is quite high but don't u know the Subscription and Rewards program. I always subscribe or wait for holiday sales to save more bucks

By Nilsson on February 22, 2021

Yeah. Holiday sales are the best occasions to buy bulks with an affordable price.

By Gunnar on March 10, 2021

If you wanna try, you should buy at least 3 bottles because only 1 doesn't give any effects for sure

By Majken on March 25, 2021

Can i use both doctor plus and grow power to increase the effectiveness?


Not a great idea, it just doubles the price, not your health

By Constance on February 16, 2021

How many capsules inside one bottle?


60 for a-month supply

By Niklas on December 4, 2020

Why doesnt it contains 120 capsules like the others? Instead of buying 2 bottles for 2 months, I can buy 1 bottle

By Oliver on December 31, 2020

where is the expire date? how to i know it unexpired


idk, ask them urself

By Mckenna on November 27, 2020

try checking on the label

By Orion Yost on December 16, 2020

How much for the bottle?


over 55 bucks, but if u subscribe, u can save a lot

By boris13 on February 9, 2021

$57 exactly

By Daugherty on February 24, 2021

I’m 16 which one I can use NuBest pill or doctor plus


NuBest Tall and Doctor Plus are natural supplements from the NuBest brand. But you should use NuBest Tall if you don't drink milk daily. Otherwise, you should use Doctor Plus.

By NuBest on February 26, 2021

Are these capsules vegan or gelatin


The bottle says gelatin capsules, dude

By Viggo on October 22, 2020

Gelatin, I made a wrong purchase but thanks the nubest staff, I could buy the right supplement for vegan. It had the same name of doctor taller, so I misunderstand.

By Laila on December 11, 2020
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